New South Indian Tamil Movies 2022 streaming on aha

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The plot of Diary

The movie of Diray is about a sub-inspector VaradhanAnnadurai. VaradhanAnnaduraiis is set on his own path to find out the mysterious happening of a cold and unsolved murder case. While on this journey, he unravels several challenges.

Fate put him on a different course of the line. What track did he get on to solve the mysterious murder case? This is a great mystery murder movie. There are several great lists of happening throughout the movie. If you enjoy watching such thrillers, then you must surely watch this movie just on the aha platform.


The plot of ManmadheLeelai

This is the latest hit comedy thriller that has been introduced on the aha platform. Watch this movie to know how one wrong decision can affect two timelines at the same time. How will Satya, the lead handle this situation? Watch this movie to know more.

This movie is an intercut between two timelines. The smooth editing in the movie makes these two transitions appear more put together. It is one of the greatest hits of the year 2022. There is no non-linear narrative in the movie.

The director has done a wonderful job of narrating the story fluently to the viewers. Movie viewers notice that tense adult comedy takes a quick turn into an unimaginative crime movie concept. The lead roles in the movie have done a wonderful job of presenting the true essence of the movie. If this movie interests you, then you can watch it exclusively on the aha platform.

Watch the Best Crime Thriller Movies on aha.

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